Many Breaths
second breath - discography

All Many Breaths releases are unavailable in their original editions, although most titles (unless otherwise noted) are available as unique, custom art editions at 25 dollars each (+ shipping). Contact manybreaths at hotmail dot com for more information, or to place an order.

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These albums are not listed in the order in which they were released. All releases are CDR unless otherwise noted.

Two Nights Film

Two songs, "Love Is Attatched To Pain" & "The Lights Went Out Last Night", sweeping everything into one dark night. Two nights become one. Long form songs - each 20 minutes plus. Reminding of forays into boathouse piano playing and vocalizing a la the Bastard Wing LP, albeit using plucked string electric guitar instead of piano and word-full instead of word-less vocals. With "The Lights Went Out..." being a full fledged story song. Definitely a black & white film. In stark packaging (the better to sweep everything away) with a special, personal book-page totem (marking the number of the edition).

I Am All The Same Song

Vocal multi-tracking to the sound of the rain in which raindrops are given both female and male identities.

A Blossom Fell

'Sibling' to the Masque Femine CDR. The microphone is the screen, and the voice is the face. Culmination of the exploration of cinematic acting exclusively through the aural capture point. Once again, lyrics by others transmuted through instantaneous, spontaneous melody. The combination of word and melody into multiple implications and meanings. Short in duration but experientially lengthy. Meant to be savored. Eat this flower slow. As always, hand painted/written covers.


One lone voice improvisation emerging from the nexus of a flowered cherry blossom tree, exemplar of life, become oracle of and elegy for death. And an electric meditation on union. Psyche with creative force, external internalized and internal externalized. A sacrificial altar dedicated to the abnegation which necessarily precedes vision. Or, an endless jeweled city. An infinite dry desert sand mirage.

Pearl Month: Live in Finland

Live recording of what was first thought to be a disastrous show in Helsinki due to the entire forgetting of adequate tonal tuning methods. Later thought to be a performance of interesting dynamic variations of Charalambides songs, among others. No doubt influenced by the life-size Greco-Roman plaster statues decorating the venue; which no doubt in turn influenced the audience to be more interested in drinking the nektar of the gods, than listening to any of the music. The other performers that night (not documented on this cd) were Black Forest/Black Sea and Fursaxa. This release is permanently unavailable.

Veronika CS

Released in an edition of two. Real time recordings for each cassette; in other words each performance was recorded live onto a hand held tape recorder. Two different side long songs, improvised the first time then loosely recreated for the second cassette. Accompanied by a hand colored book. One of the songs based on a story of death in the city. The other song based on a dream of life in the country. This release is permanently unavailable.

Masque Femine

A concept album. Interpretations of seventeen jazz and show tune 'standards', mostly solo voice. Recorded in two late night sessions, impromptu melodies were created for classic lyrics, all telling the story of 'the end of a love affair'. Four of the songs feature multi-tracked resonator guitar accompaniment.

Trickster Who Is Like God

One sixty minute song which simultaneously cycles through three distinct partnerships of meaning: possession/the sovereign, revelation//the mask, supplication/ the denial. Lush and guarded. Focused through the field of hours of spontaneous recording and compressed into an extended moment of questioning that enfolds answers and answering that enfolds questions. The duration: an object, a representation, a significance, a theater.


In WPRB studio recording of the last performance of, in hindsight, the wildly scattered Christina Carter w/ Gown two month long tour of the lesser continental United States. Two electric guitars, two vocals, two mindsets, blending temporarily into one strange territory. This release is permanently unavailable.

Message Volume One: Live Toronto DC

First in a three part series of solo live CDRs. A message of the way things were and will never quite be again. Two classic live sets embodying the threads of thought present from the beginning - from the time of Living Contact forward. Externality, internality, restraint, reaching, sharpness, transparency, darkness, fullness, liquidity. The different shapes of the rooms and different shapes of the people heard. Toronto: a large space with the electric guitar and vocals lingering in the air. A more public and introverted performance. DC: a small crowded place with music forced against the walls. A more private and extroverted performance. Songs from Human As Guitar and Lace Heart. Also a version of the Charalambides song "Magnolia" and two rare songs, "Veronika" which appeared only on a Many Breaths book/cassette release (edition of 2), and "Stranger", not recorded/performed before or since. Hand made covers include a miniature version of the Forever 21 installation: a page of life - one page of a diary - painstakingly cut into many tiny pieces.

The Light Is Out

An exorcism. Recorded almost totally in bed, with the lights out - literally; except the parts that were recorded on piano - and the recordings of shuffled dance steps, bare feet to wooden floor. Mostly single-track unaccompanied vocalizations.


Fourteen instances of poetry and song. Piano, voice, guitar, harmonica. The wreckage of the collision of the haute upon the hot. Stubbornly modernist, which means human. The masks of our dead collected as remembrance and shown in homage. The dancers, the agitators, the nameless. Suzanne Farrell, Barbara Johns and the girl right now.

Human As Guitar

First forays into song for the sake of song (yet abstracted) territory. Based on translucent acoustic guitar improvisations recorded in an old paint brush factory building in Florence, Massachusetts.


A whole lot of words... Recorded in the Fall of 2009... Multi-tracked plastic realms... About the real versus the false. Hallucinations, past-life memories, real-life memories, voices from beyond, et cetera.


Two tracks. One un-accompanied solo voice. One electric slide guitar and voice. Recorded in the Fall of 2009.

Texas Modern Exorcism

Six songs of future as seen in past and past as seen in future as documented by the dominance of double and triple tracked vocals. Absence surrounded by recollections of the pastoral, the coastal, the mountainous, and the space inside the four walls of one room with a door through which to walk onto the stage. The dance alone in that room undertaken in preparation. It is incorrect to say that there is only the present moment. There is no present moment; there is only past and future. This release is temporarily unavailable.

As Human As They Sound

Live solo show from London. Silver wings, a very high ceiling, and a very detached audience.

Of The Gutter

Live solo show from London. The most broken and 'expressionist' performance to date. A low ceiling and a very involved audience.

Lace Heart

Songs springing from the well of late '50s rock and roll, rhythm and blues and italian-americana. Shot through with the alone and the bare and the crowded. The alone notes of electric guitar and echoed voice from memories of a white fake fur rug and silver sherry goblets and twice a week masses.